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Constant Contact Facebook App

Grow your list by adding a Join My Mailing List signup form to your Facebook Brand Page and start turning fans into customers.

Constant Contact Labs Facebook App makes it easy for people to sign up to your list

The Constant Contact Labs Join My Mailing List Application makes it easier for you to collect new contacts directly from your Facebook profile or fan page.

Overall Benefits

  • Any email addresses you collect through the Constant Contact Labs Join My Mailing List Application will go right into the mailing list you choose
  • Easily transfer contact details from new subscribers' Facebook profile into your Constant Contact account


Facebook account required



Company Information

Constant Contact Labs - Facebook
1601 Trapelo Road Suite 329
Waltham, MA 02451
(866) 876-8464

Customer Reviews

5 stars (8)
4 stars (3)
3 stars (2)
2 stars (1)
1 stars (2)
Average customer Review 3.9 (16 reviews)

Most Recent Customer Reviews (see all)

Smooth and successful!
by JohwaC on 09/07/2014
It worked and it was easy!

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Nothing happens
by DonnaA786 on 07/26/2014
The app appears on my facebook page, but when I click on the Constant Contact app on my facebook page all it does is bring up a blank page. I can't find anything about how to set it up for sign up, how to personalize, or anything else.

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Comment from Hannah_M on 07/29/2014
Hi Donna, I am very sorry to hear of your frustrations but we are happy to help. When you open the app, what browser are you working in? If possible, please try testing in another browser to test. This will determine if there is something in that browser we can troubleshoot. If another browser doesn't allow the page to load please email is with your username, a link to the page you have installed the app on and the browser(s) you have tried. We can be reached at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com. Thanks, Hannah M.
by DanielD98 on 05/01/2014
Interesting, but is there a way to make the app translatable? Could this be translated with Facebook Translate like the other apps that we have in our accounts?

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Comment from StudioDaria on 08/27/2014
I would like to get an answer to this question also. Please, is it possible to translate all the text that appears in the app?

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