Zoho CRM Analytics Integration
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Zoho CRM Analytics Integration

Get Enterprise analytics capability for Zoho CRM to help you effectively close sales.

Sync Constant Contact with Zoho CRM and Futurelytics to Get the Most Out of Customer Data

Make your sales and marketing campaigns more effective by targeting based on customers' real behavior.

How it works:

Data from your Zoho CRM system are automatically synced with Constant Contact.

Constant Contact then contains pre-defined mailing lists. Trigger these campaigns regularly and as a long-term result you can see increasing Customer Lifetime Value.

There is a calculation model in the background, crunching customer purchase history. Valuable metrics like the time since last purchase, total revenue and how frequently customer has purchased lead to detection of patterns.

Try our Zoho CRM Sync with Constant Contact today to start seeing the true value of your customers today!

Overall Benefits

  • Save time and glean valuable, actionable information from your Zoho CRM customer base
  • It's quick - No implementation time. Fast responses on your customer data inside Constant Contact lists
  • Leverage information hidden in your data and build a data-driven competitive edge
  • No need for expensive datamining tools & PhD. knowledge
  • Cloud based so your team has access from anywhere.


Cloud based so your team has access from anywhere.


2 Weeks Free Trial - Choose Free or Paid Plans, Addons. Sync your Customer data - No credit card, obligation, or risk

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