Salesforce integration from Cazoomi
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Salesforce integration from Cazoomi

Engage your prospects, clients and partners in real-time with marketing automation connected to CRM.

Sync Constant Contact with Salesforce CRM to Get the Most Out of your Marketing and Sales Data

Connect Constant Contact and your in minutes not months.

Campaigns, Contacts, Leads, Lists, Field Mapping, Tags (supported late 2017), Filters and more..

Sync Accounts (Person Accounts incl.), Contacts and Leads to Constant Contact lists

Opt-outs automatically synced from Constant Contact to CRM.

Ok to use with any custom domain name for your Salesforce instance.

Sync over specific Salesforce Campaigns to Constant Contact and sync back all or only specific Email Campaign responses from Constant Contact to Salesforce. (Only Available on Paid Plans)

Retrieve Email Campaigns in Constant Contact and create an activity for each Campaign Response. (Only Available on Paid Plans)

Email Campaigns to Salesforce notes and adds attachment Email sent to Leads and Contacts. (Designed for Financial Institutions, available on Paid Plans)

Sync clicked URLs from Email Campaigns back to Salesforce. (Only Available on Paid Plans)

Sync list change membership between Constant Contact lists and Salesforce Campaigns. (Cazoomi Marketing List required to be installed in Salesforce Org) (Only Available on Paid Plans)

EventSpot integrated to Salesforce Campaign Records. (Only Available on Paid Plans)

Custom field mapping between both systems. (Only Available on Paid Plans)

Sync Bounce Reason and Last Bounce Date from Constant Contact. (Only Available on Paid Plans)

Overall Benefits

  • Save time managing your contact data by integrating Constant Contact with your CRM. No more double entry needed!
  • Sync all your Contacts, Leads or Accounts (person accounts too) with unlimited records sync!
  • Create targeted, timely marketing campaigns by segmenting your contacts based on CRM custom field mapping such as type of client, product interest, or stage of sales cycle.
  • Leverage’s reporting and forecasting capabilities to drive business intelligence from your email marketing metrics.
  • Cloud based so your team has access from anywhere.

Technical & Support

The integration works with all Lightning versions of Developer, Professional (with API enablement), Enterprise, and Unlimited editions.


Cazoomi’s “Free for Life" SyncApps Plan is exclusively available to Constant Contact customers. Please select "Go Free Now" on your SyncApps dashboard once you have setup a Sync Profile.

If you need additional features, we recommend the paid plan for Salesforce SyncApps, which starts at $49.99/month/company.

Customers wanting to sync unlimited custom fields, both leads and contacts or person accounts, email marketing metrics, campaign results and more can upgrade to the paid plan.

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

Seamless Integration with Syncapps
by MainlyMozartCC on 05/09/2017
We needed to focus all of our updates on SalesForce. With the Syncapps connection, we don't have to worry about ensuring our ConstantContact database of email addresses is in sync with those in SalesForce. When someone opts out of email, we can see that right in SalesForce. The most we have to do is check on it now and again for reports to keep an eye on our audience. Setup was well documented and straightforward and tech support has been like having the helpdesk down the hall from my desk.

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Comment from Cazoomi on 05/10/2017
Thanks for the vote of confidence and reach out to our 24/7 support folks anytime if you ever hit any snags. ~Clint @cazoomi

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

I don't get it
by ToddP75 on 03/27/2017
Why does it list it as a "free" app yet it costs $100 per month to subscribe to SyncApps to get the constant contact integration?

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Comment from Cazoomi on 04/12/2017
Thanks Todd for the feedback and please do reach out to our 24/7 support gurus as all our integrations start at free with Add-Ons for features for $9.99 if needed yet for paid plans we have bundles ranging from $19.99 to $99.99 a month based on the software app combo integration. Hope that clarified the pricing a bit better. ~Clint @cazoomi

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

Cazoomi Technical Support
by ANDREWC26 on 02/27/2017
Great support from Cazoomi. Send an email through the support link and they respond quickly. We've gotten quick, correct responses every time. Very happy.

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Comment from Cazoomi on 04/12/2017
Thanks Andrew and glad our Salesforce integration meets your requirements & that our 24/7 support folks are rockstars. Let us know anytime if you ever hit any snags. ~Clint @cazoomi

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