"Base CRM" Sync
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"Base CRM" Sync

Automatically sync contacts and their information from Base CRM to Constant Contact for powerful marketing segmentation.

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"Base CRM" Sync

Base CRM is a FREE & simple CRM to manage contacts, companies and track your sales leads, deals and wins/losses activity.

• Automation | Email, Subscribers & Social Media lists synced from Base CRM

Automatically sync contact lists from Base CRM to Constant Contact for powerful marketing segmentation using tags.

• Segmentation | Customers, Subscribers from FOLLOWERS

Utilize Base CRM custom field mapping to capture more data automatically to your Constant Contact lists.

• Synchronization | See how easy keeping ALL your marketing channels in sync can be for your business

Schedule it and forget it using "Base CRM" Sync today!

Overall Benefits

  • Access accurate, mission critical Base CRM marketing information
  • Keep tabs on unlimited customer relationships with up-to-date & correct data
  • Eliminate manual data entry for Contact Marketing lists
  • Manage emails to your customers with correct Contact Marketing information
  • Stay in Base CRM Sync while on the go!


Base CRM and Cazoomi SyncApps account required. Cloud based so access anywhere you have internet access.


14 Day Free Trial for all and Free SyncApps plan for Constant Contact & Base CRM customers.

Company Information

Catamaran Marketing
6139 Lockwood Drive
Windsor, CA 95492
(707) 836-3226

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